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“Time is of the Essence”
for a successful real estate transaction.

Where leverage and opportunity meet.    In today’s market, with multiple offers on select homes and aggressive home shopping on the internet, it pays to be prepared with your finances for a quick close.


We will help you become “buyer ready” so you can be more aggressive on the offer.


When you make a purchase offer, inevitably, we receive a phone call from the seller’s / listing agent, wanting to know how timely and efficiently we can close.  The answer to this question, many times, drives which offer the seller will accept.


When we respond, our buyer is "BUYER READY" (with an actual pre-approved file stacked with income and asset documents), we can respond positively: "The buyer is poised for a timely and efficient closing!"

The latter is especially true if you are self-employed.


Please, to help make your home buying process more enjoyable and strategic, help us help you organize your finances in advance.