Preparing to sell your home? 


Preparing to sell your home.   Please call Mimi and Jay to share your listing.  Do you need a successful Realtor referral? Maybe you already have a buyer identified and just need assistance from one of our closing attorneys for contract preparation.  Have you spoken with your Listing Agent to confirm the person making the offer will have a successful loan program or even verified cash to close if a cash sale? Mimi and Jay can help!  

Did you consider post-closing -  where are you moving to? Do you need a successful “back to back” transaction where literally, both your old home and new home close simultaneously?  If you are considering keeping your old home as a “rental”, we can help you structure your finances to include the new rental income to help subsidize your finances. 


Also, if you are moving to your new home but need a few months to sell your old home, our Community Banking relationship can assist with a bridge loan.  This is a very popular option for retirees where there is substantial inventory and years of memories to organize from your old homestead.


Finally, when you accept an offer to buy your home, are you sure they buyer is pre-approved, not just pre-qualified.   Many mortgage lenders are new to the business and may not be able to appropriately “vet” out the buyer to make sure you can close efficiently and on time.


Please let us speak to your buyer.   Usually within a couple minutes we can identify if they were properly prequalified and they are “safe” to stay with their current lender, or many times we can discover key items their current lender did not consider which could cause a substantial closing delay or worse, a failed closing.


Working with a Community Bank  Mimi and Jay know all parties in the transaction.  The underwriters are our bank’s employees, not a 3rd party mystery. Also, for very special circumstances, such as very large JUMBO loans, we have the opportunity to shop your loan funds outside of our bank, but in most cases, these 3rd parties trust us with delegated underwriting; so underwriting still remains in- house.


Mimi and Jay have shopped all sources of where to find loans for our clients and we truly believe we have made the best choice for our customers both on loan pricing, fees, interest rates and efficiency of the process.